Question:When some people have a little extra money, they like to spend it ﻪright away on something they enjoy. Others prefer to save the extra money. Which ﻪdo you like to do? Explain why.


 I will definitely save it up, because this money could promise my life ﻪstandard even though I will have a big cost. For example, before my marriage, I ﻪused to spend all of my salary for fun. I love traveling so usually I planned 3 ﻪor 4 trips a year. But, when one day I considered buying my own apartment and ﻪgetting into marriage, I found nothing from my bank savings. I felt myself in ﻪtotal despair. So I loaned a lot of money from the bank. And ever since then, my ﻪlife changed. I began to work very hard, cut all my travel plans, and save every ﻪextra penny for my savings. What a painful experience!


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